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Fire Massage Coming Soon!

Think of it; it's a cold winter night. Your muscles are tight and achy. What better way to relax than by fire...rolling over your skin.

Watch this video to see what you think. And no, we are not actually offering fire massage, but it is fascinating to watch. My insurance premiums would go through the roof and I am pretty certain that CMTO would not approve. My Colleague, Deborah Capstick at My Cambridge Health may want to consider it if it is under the scope of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

The fire massage is said to be part of ancient Chinese medicine, like cupping and acupuncture, which we’ve known to carry over into the mainstream’s obsession to do whatever it takes (whatever is trendy, expensive, and available at a high end retreat center near you) to relieve stress. The Guangming Network reported a detailed description of the practice, which includes a “fire rope”, which is made out of some 20 different types of Chinese herbal grasses. The rope is placed on the participant’s nude body, then covered with plastic wrap to prevent burning during the process. Next to the pile of protection goes two wet towels followed by flammable alcohol. Then, the therapist lights your junk (or back or chest) on fire. The entire process is repeated three times per session and voila, stress free! @wesleybonner ••

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