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Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 Operational Requirements: Health Sector Restart

To my Valued and Loyal Clients,

At this time some of you may have already been made aware of the Minister of Health stating that Health Care Professionals are allowed to open up business again. This is exciting news, but it was also misrepresented poorly by the media outlets.

Massage Therapy is Governed by the CMTO, and as such they have released their updated mandate for our therapists to follow. It that states; Massage Therapists can gradually restart practice, prioritizing essential care needs, at this time. There is guidance to what this means which we must follow to ensure the safety of our Clinicians, staff, visitors, and all patients, during this time. With that; we have some changes that will be coming into effect over the next while, to which we will update you with when we can.

That said we have to have strict protocols put into place. I have ordered PPE required which still has not come in. We also must complete 10 modules of training through Public Health Ontario. I am hoping to be able to start booking clients on June 15th, 2020. and i am presently drafting up a plan today and will start contacting clients this week.

With the updated order (Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health’s Directive #2 for Regulated Health Professionals) RMTs are now permitted to gradually restart Massage Therapy services. The Directive encourages healthcare providers to limit the number of in-person visits for the safety of healthcare providers and their patients.

Directive #2 allows for a gradual restart of services to be carried out with adherence to guidance from the health professional’s regulatory college. In the gradual restart of services, RMTs must:

Sincerely, Lisa Kessig PS: Please, if you have questions, correspond by email at or by text at 226-600-3446. Thank you in advance.


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